Create interactive apps on mobile or Windows quickly, and without programming knowledge, through Smart Apps Creator.



Easiest Way to Design


Integrate multimedia / open data into mobile app, HTML5 and social media sharing.




No programming knowledge needed. Everything is done through simple drag and drop interface. Learning about app design has never been easier.

Output directly to GooglePlay and AppleStore. Store and publish in multi-format files or HTML5.

Support different formats like mp3, mp4, jpeg, png, YouTube, Google Map, animations, and much more.

Apply logical thinking,  build STEM education, modify ideas and content into interactive multimedia apps easily.

No Programming Skills Required


Smart Apps Creator 3 helps design apps easily through drag n' drop and with it's MS Office-like UI, making it easier to learn the software. We have successfully published intersting apps like spot-the-difference, Language teaching materials and whack-a-mole, etc on Google Play and Apple Store.


Directly Output to .APK / .XCODE

Smart Apps Creator 3 supports most devices, and allows you to directly output your apps to .apk, Xcodeproj, .exe and HTML5. This means that your apps can esily perform across any platform.


Abundant Animations Content 

Smart Apps Creator 3 also comes with a variety of built-in animations to help your images and content come to life. To top it off, everything here is user customizable.


Smart Apps Creator 3 allows you to unleash your unlimited creativity. Using cause and effects logic, if you can think it, you can do it! This allows you to unlock all kinds of possibilities.

Real-time Function Test.


Smart Apps Creator 3 provides robust Real-Time testing functionalities, so that you can preview your apps on any smart device before you publish them.


Everything is now available at your fingertips. Smart Apps Creator 3 comes standard with several built-in templates, saving you time and hazzle of starting from scratch.


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tomsguideIt's still very useful for creating a variety of media apps, and can also be useful for instruction, presentations, and introduction to apps on mobile and desktop alike.............