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Medianetic is part of a strategic family of companies which specializes in the field of management consulting, human resource outsourcing and technology services. Committed to the delivery of innovative and practical solutions, Medianetic collaborates with its clients to help them increase productivity and profitability. With leading-edge technologies and business expertise, we work with our clients to expand on their Processes, People and Technology. Indeed, delivering solutions for the real world.


We envision Medianetic to be Asia’s preferred provider and delivery partner of choice in the consulting, outsourcing, human capital and technology services industry.


The legacy of our success lies within our core-values which are based upon our respect for others, under-promising and over delivering with a spirit of enthusiasm in everything we do.

What we believe


Employees happen to be one of our greatest assets here in Medianetic. It is included in our corporate blueprint to intentionally invest in the continual process of nurturing, mentoring and developing effective, passionate and dependable professionals in this field of work.


Our customers always deserve the best hence we strive to unceasingly enhance our skills, knowledge and value added offerings in order to delight our clients.We firmly believe in building a culture of trust, respect, loyalty and commitment between one another and with our existing and future clients.


Medianetic’s sales and marketing expertise are put to work by carefully studying our clients’ business objectives and obstacles to provide the most appropriate solution in any given situation. Rest assured that our employees are more than equipped to meet any query or troubleshoot any existing issues in your business, you can count on that!

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