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Media Composer | Symphony Option


Professionally correct and grade color, design stunning visual effects, and master projects faster with the Media Composer | Symphony Option. This add-on option for Media Composer expands your editorial palette with a host of creative tools.

Stylize shots, set a mood, or correct color with advanced color correction tools. Create eye-catching effects and achieve higher production values with Boris Continuum Complete Lite. And master projects in the highest quality possible, with delivery to multiple formats from a single master source.


Full color grading

Get the look you want with advanced, secondary, and relational color tools, plus NaturalMatch.

Professional VFX

Create everything from lens flares to motion tracker effects with Boris Continuum Complete Lite included.

Powerful mastering

Take your offline online and directly export high-resolution masters.

Universal Mastering
Get real-time format and frame-rate conversion on output and playback by adding Avid Artist | DNxIQ to your workflow.
Precision control

Fine-tune shots with animatable color correction, plus support for 4:4:4 HD-RGB processing.