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Live Mocap

  • Employ a full body motion capture platform to simultaneously animate CC character faces, hands and bodies.
  • Observe your motion captured animations on real and stylized characters for visual feedback on performances.
  • Ideal for virtual production, performance capture, live TV/Online shows, and web broadcasting.

Real-time Motion Editing

  • Body animation: a unique puppeteering engine, motion clip blending, thousands of professional mocap, HIK timeline motion layer editing.
  • Facial animation: 60 facial morphs ready for audio lip-sync and puppet emotive expressions with motion key editing.
  • Dynamic soft-cloth and hairs physics behaviors to create natural movements.

Studio Level Character Animation

  • Accomplish most of the classic principles of cartoon animation such as Exaggeration, Arc Motion, Secondary Animation, Follow Through and Overlapping.
  • Fully featured curve editing tools: Outliner, Tangent, Handle, Key Editing, Navigation.

The powerful FBX export feature can now be directly accessed from Character Creator, allowing you to export your customized characters to other 3D tools.