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Unity Mecanim

  • Dedicated FBX export profile compatible with Unity.
  • Automated skeleton mapping for Unity Humanoid characters.
  • Auto-create Unity Animator for mecanim controls.
  • Export motion sequences and assign Animator Controller.
  • Auto-assign loop animations when source clips includes “loop” keyword.
  • Create character Prefab for character reuse and instancing.
  • Auto-assign character LOD from multiple FBX meshes.

Unreal UE4

  • Dedicated FBX export profile compatible with Unreal.
  • Automated skeleton mapping and bone naming for UE4 characters.
  • Auto-assign character LOD from multiple FBX character meshes using the same skeleton.
  • Auto-assign loop animations when source clips includes “loop” keyword.

Automated Unity Shader Assignment

  • Editor Script to auto-convert imported FBX files.
  • sRGB Correction for Metallic, Roughness, AO for correct display in Unity.
  • Three shader options:
    • Standard PBR – Unity Built-in Shaders.
    • HDRP (High Definition Render Pipeline) – high realism for console or advanced graphics environment.
    • LWRP (Lightweight Render Pipeline) – optimized performance for mobile and low-end hardware.
*Requires Auto Setup Script – free download

Unreal Shader Assignment

  • Pack ORM (Occlusion Roughness Metallic) texture from corresponding CC texture sources.
  • Automatic multi-texture material assignment.
  • Two shader options:
    • Unreal Photorealistic Character Shader (LW) based on Unreal’s Samples and Tutorials here.
    • Advanced Unreal Digital Humans (HQ) – the ultra-realistic shader based on Unreal’s samples and tutorials here.

*Requires Auto Setup Plugin – free download
  • Polygon reduction for select items and wearable assets.
  • Bake dense mesh detail to diffuse and normal map to enhance low-poly display.
  • Merge texture UVs in order to reduce draw call in game engines.
  • Generate character LODs for optimal game performance.
  • Convert to low-poly CC Game-Base character while keeping facial animations.

Real-time Animation Editing

  • Body animation with unique puppeteering engine, motion clip blending, HIK timeline motion layer editing.
  • Facial animation with audio lip-sync and puppet emotive expressions with motion key editing.
  • Dynamic soft-cloth and hair physics behaviors.
  • Motion curve editing over animation time and spacial adjustments.

Unified Mocap for Face, Body and Hand

  • Use iClone Motion LIVE for full body motion capture.
  • Accurate facial capture using Faceware/iPhone X.
  • 60 facial morphs supports blending.
  • Compatible with all major body mocap device including OptiTrack, XSens, Noitom, and more.
  • Hand tracking using ManusVR/Leap Motion.
  • Stream motions directly from iClone to Unreal and skip FBX motion file export and import.
  • Supports both skeletal data and facial blendshapes.
  • Supports RTX Raytracing for real-time production level rendering.
  • Supports Sequence Recording for Unreal non-linear film production and game animation.