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Dynamic Design.
Vivid Visualization.

With Enscape, BIM modeling, visualization, and design are finally asynchronous. Unlike most rendering software, you don’t have to stop designing to create stunning, high-quality visuals. 

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Present Pre-Designs Effortlessly

Need to quickly sketch out and present your concepts in a visually tangible way? Enscape allows you to use our pre-design feature to find the best design strategy in the most efficient way possible.

Create Beautiful Schematic Designs

Determine the scope of your projects without compromising style, time, and the details. Create beautifully engaging diagrams and renders without limits. 

Synchronize the Design Development Process

Our real-time rendering enables you to simplify the design process by making it easier for your team to gather feedback from clients and stakeholders. That way, you can focus on implementing solutions that make a difference. 

Organize Your Documentation

Enscape was created to always be directly linked to your documentation models. This helps minimize potential coordination complications by allowing issues to be instantly seen. We’re here to help your team save the hassle of having your budget or schedule impacted by detecting issues faster.

Visualize the Construction Phase

Our virtual reality feature grants you the ability to visualize materials and FF&E layouts before the construction phase. Go through a project with your client in an intuitive, engaging, and immersive way to finalize everything with confidence. 


What's New with Enscape 3.2

Dynamic Design. Vivid Visualization: Enscape 3.2

What's New?

Design dynamically with Enscape 3.2. Leverage on our brand-new Dynamic Asset Placement and bring your designs closer to fruition with the Green Building Assets and Materials collections.

Looking to create vivid visualizations? Streamline your design workflow with the Batch Panorama and Uploads Update features and give clients a better presentation experience with the Panorama Tour.

Highlighted Features

Dynamic Asset Placement

Revel in the unified design and visualization experience with Dynamic Asset Placement. The two-way asset placement feature enables you to pick and place single or multiple assets into designs via the rendering window.

Green Building Assets and Materials

Liven up green building projects with the new asset and material collections. Select from a range of assets such as wind turbinessolar panels, and electric vehicles and materials like recycled plastics and soil options.

Batch Panorama

Make your design workflow even more efficient with Batch Panorama. One of Enscape’s most highly requested features, you can now render multiple images, mono panoramas, or stereo panoramas at once.

Panorama Tour

The Panorama Gallery’s new navigation mode, “tour mode,” enables you to explore panoramas further with markers that allow you to jump to various panorama views. Impress clients and communicate ideas better.

Uploads Update

The new Uploads Update feature is designed so projects with local panoramas or web standalones can be updated without fuss. Changes are automatically updated so you don’t need to re-share links or QR codes.

First-class rendering without compromise.

Enscape 3.2 Benefits

Create visually stunning renderings without compromising quality with our next features.

Dynamic Asset Placement

  • Select, place, and edit assets from the Enscape Asset Libraries
  • Avoid switching between tools and enjoy an optimized workflow

Green Building Assets and Materials

  • Create vivid visualizations with the right assets and materials
  • Eliminate time spent looking for green building assets and materials online

Batch Panorama

  • Save time by rendering multiple panoramas at the same time
  • Benefit from a more efficient design and visualization workflow

Panorama Tour

  • Enhance the panorama viewing experience for clients
  • Enjoy a new way to communicate your ideas and projects

Uploads Update

  • Prevent fractured workflows and enjoy a seamless project sharing experience
  • Ensure everyone is one the same page when it comes to project reviews


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