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Real-time rendering and VR capabilities that bring your architectural visualization directly into your workflow so that you can focus on what you do best: creating, designing, and building.

Now compatible for both Windows and Mac.

Present Pre-Designs Effortlessly

Need to quickly sketch out and present your concepts in a visually tangible way? Enscape allows you to use our pre-design feature to find the best design strategy in the most efficient way possible.

Create Beautiful Schematic Designs

Determine the scope of your projects without compromising style, time, and the details. Create beautifully engaging diagrams and renders without limits. 

Synchronize the Design Development Process

Our real-time rendering enables you to simplify the design process by making it easier for your team to gather feedback from clients and stakeholders. That way, you can focus on implementing solutions that make a difference. 

Organize Your Documentation

Enscape was created to always be directly linked to your documentation models. This helps minimize potential coordination complications by allowing issues to be instantly seen. We’re here to help your team save the hassle of having your budget or schedule impacted by detecting issues faster.

Visualize the Construction Phase

Our virtual reality feature grants you the ability to visualize materials and FF&E layouts before the construction phase. Go through a project with your client in an intuitive, engaging, and immersive way to finalize everything with confidence. 


What's New with Enscape 3.4

Design Beyond Boundaries

What's New?

Enscape 3.4 brings you updates to existing features so you can further enhance your designs and streamline your workflow. Create your own categories for the Custom Asset Library, save sun positions in views and easily update them,  improved reflections, and elevate design scenes with new interior assets and materials.

Highlighted Features

Categories for Custom Asset Library

Get organized and structure your imported custom assets with the brand-new categories feature! Save time by filtering for assets in your Custom Asset Library and find the one you want quicker.

Save Enscape Sun Positions in Views

Want to re-use a sun position you spent time and effort perfecting? You can now save sun positions in your views, making it easier to reproduce an image with the same natural light conditions.

Update Views

Fine-tune camera and sun positions for existing saved views. This time-saving feature frees you from having to create new views every time you wish to adjust one.

Interior Design Assets & Materials

Liven up interior projects with 210 new assets and 52 new materials. Select from a range of assets such as home fixtures, appliances, and accessories and materials such as wallpapers, wood, and tiles.

Improved Reflections

Create visualizations with improved reflections on mirrored surfaces. The reflections in windows or interior mirrors will be more complex and have more details.

Enscape 3.3 Features

Site Context

Understanding local context is essential for outstanding building design. Site Context eliminates the lengthy processes of modeling topology and importing geometry, giving you an easier way to design beyond boundaries.

Alpha Channel Export

Get rid of hours spent in post-processing with the Alpha Channel Export. This feature allows you to render an image with the alpha channel applied so you can add a suitable background to your design easily.

Education Assets & Materials

Liven up education building projects with the new asset and material collections. Select from a range of assets such as classroom furniture or playground equipment and materials like acoustic panels and DNA helix.

Pin Enscape Window on Top

Whether you prefer the Enscape rendering window always on top of the BIM or CAD window while you work or in the background, this feature enables you to tailor your workflow to suit your preference.

Material Overwrite

Exchanging materials from within the Material Editor has become much easier with Material Overwrite. Say goodbye to manually importing/exporting Enscape material files and enjoy a more streamlined workflow.

Transparent Materials in Reflections

This feature allows you to render objects with transparent materials in reflections. This feature is only available for graphics cards that support ray tracing, such as the NVIDIA RTX series and the AMD RX6xxx series.

First-class rendering without compromise.

Enscape 3.4 Benefits

Experience the ease of creating stunning renderings and achieve first-class quality in designs with the new Enscape features.

Categories for Custom Asset Library

  • Group custom assets as you like for easier management
  • Avoid endless scrolling and find the asset you want within a few clicks

Save Enscape Sun Positions in Views

  • Use new slider controls and input fields for more accurate sun positions
  • Easily add the final touches to natural light and relate it to each view

Update Views

  • Save time by no longer needing to create new views
  • Capture the best angle for final presentations by easily adjusting views

Interior Design Assets & Materials

  • Assess the functionality of an interior space with the right assets
  • Reduce time spent looking for materials online for your interior project

Improved Reflections

  • Enjoy more detailed reflections in your design scenes
  • Impress clients and win work with realistic-looking visualizations

Transparent Materials in Reflections

  • Add a layer of realism with enhanced glass and water surfaces
  • Impress clients with lifelike reflections in design scenes


Enscape Showcase


Enscape for Mac

Design Beyond Boundaries

For SketchUp 2021 and 2022 only

Plug Enscape directly into your SketchUp software and discover the ease and speed of an integrated design and visualization workflow. 

Highlighted Features

Real-time Walkthroughs

Navigate your fully rendered project with perspective, walk, and fly modes with the live link between Enscape and SketchUp.

Export Options

Share or collaborate with your design team and clients through panoramas, web standalones, and batch rendering to showcase every aspect of your design vision.

Manage Uploads

Share and collaborate with your design team and clients with panoramas and web standalones.

Visual Settings

Start with a clean slate or adjust cloud density with atmosphere settings such as white, cloud, illumination, and horizon.

Enscape Material Editor

Refine materials by making use of height maps and adjusting textures to raise the level of realism in your visualizations.

Enscape Asset Library

Fill your scene with life with assets from the Enscape Asset Library. Choose from a collection of accessories, vegetation, people, furniture, and so much more.

Other Features

Synchronize Views

Have the Enscape rendering window show the same view as your project.

Panorama Tour

Create a tour from within the Panorama Gallery and use this easy navigation mode to curate your design.

Language Support

Enscape for Mac is available in English, German, Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish, French, Polish, and Dutch.

Coming Soon

  • VR support to create immersive 3D experiences
  • Additional export options: video and standalone executable file
  • Enscape objects (light and sound sources)
  • Custom Asset Library

First-class rendering without compromise.

Enscape for Mac Benefits

Enscape for Mac is now available. Plug Enscape directly into your SketchUp software and discover the ease and speed of an integrated design and visualization workflow. Sign up for the free 14-day trial today and benefit from a more efficient and enjoyable way to design with real-time visualization.


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