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What Does Analyzer Do?

Analyzer is a high-quality production software that tracks facial movement from video using computer vision and deep learning. It uses a markerless technology to automatically track everything the face is doing at an extremely high quality.


How it Works

It uses our powerful, best-in-class facial tracking technology to analyze faces from video. Combined with an industry proven workflow for professional animators and motion capture studios, it makes tracking faces for mocap easy.

Powerful, Robust, and Feature Rich

Everything you need for facial motion capture.

Seeing is Believing

Eyes are the key to emotion and performance.

Licensing Options for Everyone

Commercial, Academic, Free Personal Learning Edition, and More

How is Analyzer So Good At Tracking Faces?

Every human face is similar, yet unique.

Analyzer Feature Comparison

Commercial licenses of Analyzer are available in the ‘Studio‘ version and the full-featured ‘Studio Plus‘ version.

Studio licenses offer a set of features that enable you to create high-quality tracking data for Retargeter. Studio Plus licenses enable you further to improve the quality of the data, easily share models across jobs for increased efficiency, and automate the pipeline using command-line batch tools.


* Data from Analyzer Studio and Studio Plus is compatible with both the Studio and Studio Plus versions of Retargeter.