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Best-in-Class Headcams and Facial Motion Capture Hardware Products

With over 10 years of development in head-mounted capture, experience matters.  Faceware’s Headcam systems are built to capture crystal clear video that is ideal for both animator reference and for facial motion capture tracking with Faceware Live and Analyzer.  We rent and sell multiple options and accessories.

ProHD Headcam System

Professional Headcam System

Our ProHD Headcam kits are robust head-mounted camera solutions used for facial motion capture.

  • Capture crystal-clear video reference of any acting performance.
  • The cameras output standardized video signals for adaptability into any pipeline.
  • Our systems provide the ideal balance of function, form, adaptability, and price.
  • Capture data that is optimized for animator reference and facial tracking with Faceware software.

GoPro Headcam Kit

Indie Capture System

The GoPro® Headcam kit includes everything you need for facial performance capture.

  • Trust the combination of the GoPro® cameras and Faceware head-mounted performance capture.
  • Our unique drop-design bars add strength and remain out of your actor’s peripheral vision.
  • Download the GoPro® app and easily manage your takes and framing right from your phone.
  • Fully adjustable helmets for excellent fit and stability.

GoPro Desktop System

Desktop Capture System

The GoPro® Desktop System includes everything you need for quick and easy facial performance capture.

  • Trust the combination of the GoPro® camera and our tripod lighting system.
  • Create high quality facial tracking and stream directly into Analyzer Capture.
  • Live installation? Use the GoPro® desktop kit in combination with Faceware Live.

Rentals and Capture Supervision

Short Term Rentals and Expert Guidance

We rent or sell Headcams and a wide array of video accessories.

  • We can help get all the gear needed for your shoot.
  • We also offer performance capture supervisors to handle the capture or train your crew.