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What is Faceware Live?

Live is a high-quality, realtime animation software that tracks facial movement from video. It uses state-of-the-art computer vision and deep learning techniques to track your face and create animation in realtime. No depth camera required!

How Does it work?

It uses our powerful, best-in-class, realtime facial tracking technology to analyze faces from video. Live enables anyone to perform as any character in realtime using a quick and simple one-click calibration process with a single, rgb camera.

What’s New in Faceware Live?

Star Citizen, LiveSDK, Live Server 2.5, and more!

Star Citizen and FOIP – In August, Cloud Imperium Games announced a partnership with Faceware Tech and the implementation of real-time, player-driven facial animation. The new feature, known as ‘FOIP’, will track players’ facial expressions and movement, then reproduce them on their avatars in-game, allowing for the most immersive and realistic player-to-player communication.


LiveSDK – In July, we announced an SDK version of Faceware Live that developers and creatives can use to build their own real-time, interactive applications. SDK users can allow live player-to-player chat in games, live interactive displays and activations, and even integrate the SDK into their own production tools and processes.


Live Server 2.5 – The latest version of Faceware Live Server includes some incredible new features that have made an already incredible tool even better for interactive events, pre-viz, and rapid content creation of facial animation.

Need Animation Instantly?

Live Gets You There in Realtime

The key benefit of Faceware Live is the ability to produce live and interactive facial animation in realtime. Using patented computer-vision technology and techniques, Faceware Live automatically tracks video of a performer’s face to stream realtime animation onto your character in the display environment of your choice, including Autodesk MotionBuilder, Unity and Unreal.

Faceware embraces the changing dynamics of how content is created. With Faceware Live, create live characters for broadcast and interactive events, or empower your actors and directors to see their digital performances on-set.

One-Second Calibration on Any Face

An Exclusive Feature in Live

A unique feature in Faceware Live is the ability to calibrate any performer in one second. There is no need for a lengthy range of motion or complex character setup process. With Faceware Live you are running in one second or less – ensuring stability and flexibility in the demands of realtime content creation.

Your performer will make a single “neutral” expression and with a one button click, you are calibrated in one second. Faceware Live is powered by exclusive Image Metrics LiveDriver consumer-grade technology – meaning it will work in nearly any lighting condition with any performer.

Stream Multiple Characters Easily

Drive as Many Characters as You Like for Days on End

With no inherent limitations to the amount of characters you can drive with Live, the sky’s the limit for creative production. You can have multiple characters interacting with each other in front of a live studio audience, pre-viz complex sequences with all characters at once, or rapidly animate entire scenes.

Faceware Live is built on powerful technology that has been developed over 15 years of research and development. This focused development effort allows our technology to be rock solid, robust, and most importantly, stable.

Unreal Engine, Unity, MotionBuilder, Completely Open Protocol

Create Your Content in the Product of Your Choice

Many products can only create content in a proprietary tool-set, not Faceware Live. We let our Server application do the heavy lifting to track and solve your facial performance. The Server application then streams data via open protocol to any receiving source, including our device for MotionBuilder and plug-ins for Unreal and Unity.