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What Does Retargeter Do?

Retargeter is a high quality production software that uses computer vision and deep learning to retarget facial motion from a tracked video onto a 3D Character. Works with any character rig in Autodesk Maya, MotionBuilder, or 3DS Max.


How it Works

It uses our powerful, best-in-class facial animation technology to create animation using a combination of Deep Learning and Pose-Based Retargeting.  This gives you the control and flexibility needed for creating convincing facial animation.

The Best Retargeting Features

Our facial animation workflow is second to none.

We believe that you shouldn’t need to be an expert in computer vision to create animation, so our products are designed by professional animators. Our tools are simple and easy to understand, yet fully featured and capable of performing extremely complex and believable facial animation.

In a hurry? Use our automated animation features for quick results. Need better quality? We’ve got you covered with our pose-based workflow. In addition to many features that have defined the industry standard, no other software offers region-based control with facial movements. This means each area (the eyes, the brows, the mouth, etc.) are all separate entities. This independent control provides an unparalleled degree of precision, creating a higher level of detail and realism.

Our software works with you to produce results that are closer than ever before to the live performance.

Retarget onto Any Character Rig

Autodesk Maya, MotionBuilder, and 3DS Max Support.

Say goodbye to complex rig requirements. The quality of your character is still extremely important but with Retargeter you have flexibility in how you build it. Our Character Setup process lets you define areas of the face as groups. Each has an associated set of attributes where Retargeter will apply your facial motion tracking data.

You define which attributes affect each area of the face, allowing you to work with bones, joints, blendshapes, morph targets, custom deformers, etc. Once you set these attributes, you are ready to create amazing, realistic animations.

Our Support Team can advise on optimal rigging requirements if you have questions on the best way to build and setup a character.

Clean Data That’s Easy to Work With

Retargeter gives you clean, easy-to-edit animation.

Retargeter’s features take the stress out of keyframe changes and polishing. Data is applied very quickly so iterations are fast and efficient.

Our workflow was designed by animators in real-world production. We know you need software that is easy to use, intuitive, and guaranteed to work every time. Intelligent keyframe reduction (pruning), animation smoothing, a master timing tool, and several other features make working with our data very easy.

Greater Team Consistency On Your Project

Raise your entire team’s level with Retargeter.

A major challenge of facial motion capture and animation is consistency among a large team of animators. You want the final results to be consistently great but how do you control this over very large volumes and a big team?

Retargeter Studio Plus has features that allow your team to work as one. Animators create centralized Shared Pose libraries to ensure that every smile, blink, squint, and pose is created the exact same way, regardless of the animator behind the wheel. It improves speed dramatically and raises the level of consistently good animation on your project.

Batch Scripting and Automation

Script anything in Retargeter for added speed and efficiency.

Retargeter Studio Plus gives you access to our entire library of batch commands, allowing technical artists to create entirely automated pipelines. Maximize your facial animation output and take advantage of your computer’s processing time so you can use your artists’ time more efficiently.

Create batch pipelines that remove manual steps and allow for full automation. Ask our support team today for example scripts to get started!

Licensing Options for Everyone

Commercial, Academic, Free Personal Learning Edition, and More

Licensing shouldn’t be difficult. Whether your a commercial studio, a student, a University teacher, or simply a hobbyist wanting to improve their skills, we have a license for you.

Once you’ve completed a free trial of Faceware Retargeter, our trained Support Team can advise on the best license for you and your project. Working on a commercial project? Our Studio and Studio Plus licenses are best for you. Teaching at a University? Our Academic License packs will provide your classroom with industry standard tools to enhance your student’s experience. Are you an indie developer or hobbyist just wanting to get up to speed on professional tools? Our PLE (Personal Learning Edition) license is free and valid for anyone doing non-commercial work.

Retargeter Feature Comparison

Commercial licenses of Retargeter are available in the ‘Studio‘ version and a full-featured ‘Studio Plus‘ version.

Studio licenses offer a great set of features that enable you to create high-quality animation. Studio Plus licenses enable you further to improve the quality of the animation, easily share work across jobs for increased efficiency, and automate the pipeline using command-line batch tools.

* Data from Analyzer Studio and Studio Plus is compatible with both the Studio and Studio Plus versions of Retargeter.