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Reallusion’s partnership with Faceware enables iClone 7 to achieve real-time facial motion capture and recording. This will empower indies and studios of all levels, giving them access to facial motion capture tools that are fast, accurate and markerless–all from a PC webcam.


Faceware Realtime for iClone is a professional quality real-time facial tracking software designed to give iClone users a simple, cost-effective, and powerful tool for animating character’s faces. Use a capable webcam to live mocap or a pre-recorded image sequence to drive natural human facial expressions and head movement.

Capture Sources

  • PC Camera Tracking: Use PC cam, GoPro or ProHD cameras to live capture facial animation.
  • Image Sequence: Convert any video for use as a facial tracking source, making production iterations convenient.


Camera Settings

  • Access to all available camera supported frame rate and resolution.
  • Recommended High Quality PC Camera:
    • Logitech Brio Ultra HD, 60 fps
    • Logitech HD Pro C920, 30 fps
  • Face Tracking Model:
    • StaticCam for desktop capture
    • HeadCam for head mounted capture

Fast Calibration

  • Calibrate on-the-fly, anytime without breaking the data stream.
  • 3 second calibration! Simply position the face in the center of the frame and hold a neutral expression!

Tracking Data Inspector

  • Instant, dynamic feedback. These meters let you view your animation data in real time.
  • Observe the relationship between your facial performance and the real-time data stream and adjust the result.

Custom Capture Profiles

  • Default 60-morph capture profiles are optimized for StaticCam and HeadCam.
  • Define expression style with morph sliders and save it as a Custom Capture Profile.
  • Take advantage of the Search function to quickly access sliders.

Face Mask for Blend and Isolation Capture

  • Isolate facial features to either mocap the full face, or just capture certain features or muscles.
  • Do multi-pass editing to blend up selected feature movements.

Feature-based Facial Strength Filters

  • Globally or separately control the signal input strength for brows, eyelids, eyeballs, mouth, jaw, cheek, and head rotation.
  • Easily capture stylized characters with proper strength settings for toning down or exaggerating features.
  • Save settings for characters.

iClone 7 updated the Character Creator 3D Character Generation Systems with up to 60 Facial Morph capability to fully animate the facial capture detail. Enhance subtle detail on facial muscle control and make iClone 7 fully-compatible with the professional facial capturing standard provided by Faceware.

Optional Mocap Mouth Blend with Audio Lipsync Viseme

  • Audio to Lipsync Analysis gives another level of lips and tongue accuracy, and allows detailed Viseme editing.
  • With the options to choose the blend ratio between facial mocap and audio lipsync, and achieve the optimal result.

Refinement and Face Key Timeline Editing

  • Edit face capture performances in post with the iClone facial timeline.
  • Access the motion clip track to edit & offset with face keys.
  • Expression Intensity control through slider bars.

FBX Character & Animation Export

  • Take your characters with facial captured animation to any game-engine or 3D application via 3DXchange Pipeline.
  • The exported FBX characters keep full facial blend shapes, and their animation data in time sequence. You can re-edit them in other 3D tools for further possibilities.