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iSpring Pro

Online Presentations Made Easy

Create mobile-ready video presentations in minutes with the best in class tool for PowerPoint

iSpring Pro 7.1

Turn your PowerPoint slides into mobile-ready promo presentations for any device, any platform!

  • Online presentations in HTML5 format
  • Video lectures and e-Learning courses
  • Mobile-ready content for iPads and smartphones

Web-Ready Presentations in PowerPoint

Create mobile-ready presentations in your familiar PowerPoint environment. iSpring adds an extra tab
to the PowerPoint ribbon to ensure fast and easy authoring.

iSpring Pro 7 Precisely Retains All the Exciting Content
That You’ve Designed in PowerPoint:

Animations and Triggers

All the engaging animation effects and
interactive content of your PowerPoint slides
are supported with iSpring Pro 7.

Fonts and Effects

Rest assured that your presentation's text
formatting is kept intact after conversion
to web-ready formats.

Right to Left Languages

Whether you develop content written
right-to-left or with multilingual text
both are supported.

Transition Effects

iSpring converts even the most complex
slide transitions, including 3D ones,
to Flash and HTML5 with pinpoint accuracy.

Embedded Multimedia

With iSpring Pro 7, audio and video you
embedded into a PowerPoint file works
as it intended in the highest quality manner.

SmartArt Objects and PPT Styles

PowerPoint offers an attractive collection of
predesigned objects and themes. All of these are
retained in a Flash or HTML5 copy of your project.

View PowerPoint on All Platforms, All Devices

Your audience always gets simple and instant access to your presentations!
iSpring Pro 7 publishes PowerPoint projects to all devices using an innovative Flash+HTML5 format.

Create Portable Content for
All Screens!

iSpring presentations instantly adapt to
screen size and orientation, thus ensuring
a consistent learning experience on:

  • desktops and laptops
  • iPads and iPhones
  • Android devices
  • Windows devices


Ensure an Outstanding Viewing
Experience with This Advanced Player

With iSpring's Universal Player, your viewers can easily navigate your remarkable looking
presentations on any devices or screens whether in Flash or HTML5 format.


Make external files always accessible by
attaching them to your project

Navigation Panel

Fine-tune the panel and set up playback
rules for your audience

Custom Color Scheme

Use colors that best compliment your
presentation design

Presenter Video

Show a presenter video or any other clip
on the side bar


Add extra info or include a narration
script in the Notes tab

Presentation Outline

Easily preview and navigate with the
outline option

Presenter Video and Audio:
Record and Sync Easily

You can turn your PowerPoint project into an
attractive online video presentation by adding a video
narration to it. The iSpring’s advanced video editor
allows you to accurately sync your footage with slides
and animations, so that your promo presentation
or a course is shown along with an explanatory
presenter video.

Publish Your Presentations in One Click

With iSpring Pro 7.1, you can choose from a variety of sharing methods.
The output quality will be equally great no matter what you choose.

Share Presentations Online

Prepare your PowerPoints for publishing on the Web by
converting them to Flash or HTML5. Another option is
using iSpring Cloud:

  • Share via email
  • Share on social media
  • Embed in webpage right away

Publish Content for an LMS

To turn a presentation into an e-Learning course, go for the
"LMS" option. A presentation will be published as a SCORM,
AICC or xAPI package to be Instantly Integrated into any LMS.


Supercharged to Create
Professional Online Presentations

Make your online presentations even more effective, engaging and secure. It’s hard to believe,
but you can do all of these with one powerful tool inside your PowerPoint.

Use Your Branding

Ensure your projects demonstrate your corporate image by adding company logo and company info to a player shell. Plus, you can easily paint a presentation player to corporate colors.

Protect Your Content

Protect your project against unauthorized access and
copying with a password, watermark and domain restriction,
or simply set an expiration date for your presentation.

Customized Navigation and Branching

Organize your presentation slides into a well-composed
easy-to-navigate structure using nesting levels and
develop branching scenarios.

Leverage Rich Media

With iSpring Pro 7, just a matter of few clicks to add
various types of rich media to your slides, such as, YouTube
videos, Flash movies and interactive web objects.