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iClone for Previz


iClone is a real-time 3D animation software that lets you quickly previz your 3D scenes like a storyboard with digital actors, thanks to comprehensive animation tools and powerful camera and lighting systems. It’s designed not only for storytellers and filmmakers, but for any creative artist who seeks visual communication and previsualization. iClone contains intuitive tools that can turn your abstract concepts into animated practical ones, allowing you to visualize your story without any prior 3D experience.

Intuitive Design for Storytellers and Directors

The biggest difference between iClone and other 3D tools is that iClone is designed with an intuitive production workflow in mind. As you can see below, every user can follow the major steps; “Stage > Set > Actor > Motion > Effect” to visualize their stories. The content library provides all the assets you need for the stage. Then any actor performance can be easily created with iClone’s smart animation tools. You may also use various cameras, with camera switch and editing inside the timeline.


Animation-ready Talking Characters

Talking characters are a very challenging part for any 3D beginner. iClone provides a ton of animation-ready characters for direct performances. Simply drag your characters into a scene and use the right-click menu to command your characters just like playing a video game. You can also use 2D photos to customize the face of your characters, as well as the outfits. Finally, simply import the audio or text to make aniamte your characters with auto lip-syncs.

Preview Actions without prior Animation Experience

Character animation is one of the most complicated tasks for general 3D artists, but most directors and filmmakers don’t care much about knowing how to animate a character. With iClone they can easily visualize their movies with specific character behaviors without much experience in 3D animation. Inside iClone, you can already find most popular motions like sit, stand, lie, walk and talk. If needed, you may choose to collect additional themed motions like fighting, dancing, conversation, and others thanks to Reallusion’s collaborative content platform. You can also use the Kinect system to quickly live capture motions to simulate final performances.

Visualize Scenes with Unlimited Content Resources

Traditionally, previz requires a huge amount of work to prepare assets in order to visualize the story, and many times filmmakers are forced to create models from scratch. So, iClone allows a perfect bridge between online content sourcing, from 3D Warehouse, and content manipulation so that every user can employ models from a group of global donors. Just type in any model name you need and get it for free. On the other hand, iClone also provides several types of cities and scene elements that you can fully customize to your scene by drag and dropping inside the stage window.


Storytelling with Various Camera Possibilities

Camera work is the most important tool for directors because it will result in the real set up of the film shooting facilities, answering questions like; where should we put the camera and what kinds of lens and lighting we should employ. iClone is a complete filmmaking engine that contains all the popular camera tools you need. Besides general camera movement functions, depth of field and lens, you can also link your cameras to motion paths or track them to create dollies and orbit shots, or link them to an object or character to simulate walking, following or flying cameras.


Immerse Your Actors into the 3D Scene


The other exciting tool that can work with iClone is popVideo Converter. With this tool, you can easily chromakey green screen characters and put them inside a 3 dimensional scene to visualize a movie with virtual interaction. When you do on-site previz, you can also build dummy objects with iClone in order to rehearse and preview compositing in an effective way.