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Professional quality finger tracking, for all creators!

Animating 3D finger and hand motion is notoriously difficult and the price of professional quality tracking devices has historically been out of reach for the vast majority of 3D creators. With the Smartgloves, a new era begins. Professional quality finger and hand tracking made intuitive and affordable.

Mocap anywhere, anytime.

Speed of setup and ease of use have been the two main guiding principles in our development as with all Rokoko products. The Smartgloves can be set up in minutes with just a simple calibration and streams seamlessly through Rokoko Studio, where they are automatically synced with other hardware inputs.

Empowering creators

Through Rokoko Studio you can sync all inputs and export them as FBX, BVH or CSV in the framerate of your choosing. You can also stream the data directly onto your custom character through our native plugins in all major desktop content creation tools and game engines. In Studio, you can even build your own custom plugin. It has never been easier to work with real-time motion capture and 3D character animation!

The magic behind the tech

Professional finger and hand tracking made intuitive, quick, and affordable

Complete real-time pipeline

Finger tracking with the Smartgloves and Rokoko’s 3D animation and motion capture pipeline makes it super quick and easy to set up a real-time motion editing workflow and seeing your data on your custom character live in your final 3D software of choice.
Create with Smartgloves Inertial finger tracking glove, set up in less than a minute.
Connect through WiFi to your computer or smart device, without ever losing a frame
Motion editing software that allows you to enhance and tailor your recordings.
Stream your data directly onto your custom character with our native plugins.

Native plugins for

With Rokoko Studio Live, you can stream your recorded or live data directly into our native plugins for Unreal, Unity, Maya, Blender, and MotionBuilder.

Looking to bundle?

Interested in several of Rokoko’s motion capture tools? Get in touch with us to get our suggested bundles or create your own and enjoy substantial discounts!

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