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Digital Video Solutions

Pro Video Solutions


Best-in-class solutions that help media professionals streamline workflows, enhance collaboration and choice, and create higher-quality content


Need creativity in your production? At Medianetic, we offer industry-leading solutions that connect creative professionals and media organizations with their audiences in more powerful, efficient, collaborative, and profitable ways.

Video professionals and post-production houses are facing unprecedented challenges. As media technology continues to evolve, projects are getting larger and more complex. It has become necessary to connect creative professionals in distributed workflow environments from wherever they may be. And there is unrelenting pressure to quickly create and deliver the high-quality content that today’s audiences demand.

To succeed in today’s rapidly evolving media landscape, you need solutions that address your most critical needs and enable you to create your best work. Our industry leading solutions enable you to enhance collaboration, streamline production, and create and deliver higher quality content;with unparalleled power, speed, and precision.

Video (NLE)


Create Compelling Stories Quickly and Efficiently

Whether you’re creating a Hollywood blockbuster, crafting an indie film, or making videos for marketing campaigns, today’s audiences expect an extremely high level of quality. To create content that will engage and entertain, editors need workflows that free them from technological complexity and help them spend more time in the creative zone. With an efficient NLE system, it can help push creativity and efficiency to new levels.

Asset Management


Managed media, real-time collaboration, and automate workflow

Today's media industry is going through unprecedented change. From content creation to distribution and beyond, every aspect of the media value chain has been affected. In order to survive in this transformative era, media organizations need to increase collaboration among their teams, optimize the value of their assets, and deliver higher-quality content that engages audiences on multiple screens.



Proven. Real-time Collaboration. For Everyone.

Complete media ingest, storage, automation, and playout. Share and access the same HD and high-res media to complete projects faster, whether using Avid or other editing software. Get the flexibility and reliability you need to optimize and scale production to meet changing demands. Storage Suite solutions run on the Avid MediaCentral Platform, giving you the tightest integration and collaboration in the industry.