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Technology Services

At Medianetic, helping to solve your business technology challenges is our business. Our technology consultants are experts in the technologies and businesses they support. This winning combination of technical expertise and business savvy results in a robust and recurring return on investment for our clients. From pre-installation security assessments to post-installation user training and support, count on Medianetic to contribute to your growth and long-term success.



Our technology consultants are experts in the full range of technologies that your business utilizes. We plan, deliver, support and train your staff on a wide range of software and hardware products developed specifically for the small and mid-sized business and the nonprofit marketplace. We offer a full suite of industry-specific software products to meet the needs of larger businesses the middle & enterprise market. But, being certified as experts in the products your business utilizes represents only a portion of our value to you. The greater value is the development and delivery of your software and hardware products - The Medianetic Way. This proven methodology, recognized for its consistency, quality and attention to detail, assures you of a technology solution that is matched to your specific needs and is delivered in an accurate and timely manner - all in an effort to exceed your performance expectations.


Our Technology Solutions and Services

Software Development

Medianetic can help you extend the capabilities of your existing business software to enhance your productivity and profitability. Our application development team of dedicated programrs delivers source code changes, new modules for your business software, custom reports and high-level technical support. We program in Microsoft's .NET suite, Visual Basic, Java, C++, PHP under Linux, PRES and Crystal Reports.

Mobile and NuMedia

Mobile is an enterprise-wide opportunity. Maybe it’s one app; maybe it’s hundreds. It may start in a business unit, grow in development, and launch from IT. But to the mobile-time enterprise, each step contributes to a bigger picture: real business results driven by exceptional user experiences. Light up your imaginations. Mobile time means empowering everyone to deliver the moments that matter.

Training Enterprise Solutions

TRAINEX™ is a one of a kind software. You will never find another Enterprise Talent & Training Management System like this in the market. It enables talent developers, HR experts, training providers, training departments and trainers to effectively manage crucial information, operational process and business needs of the training industry – powerfully increasingly their productivity by up to 300%.