With Pixyz’s software, you can quickly import, prep, and optimize your large CAD, mesh and point cloud models for real-time visualizations in Unity.

Unlock your 3D data for real-time development

A Unity partner, Pixyz provides solutions to easily import and optimize large 3D CAD, point cloud and mesh models for creating real-time experiences in Unity. Unity customers across a range of industries use Pixyz to prepare data from widely used design tools and file formats for real-time development.

Automate and optimize your data pipeline

These Pixyz products ensure your 3D data is optimized for Unity regardless of the source. Going from import to real-time publishing has never been so easy.

Easily import and prepare 3D data

The Pixyz Plugin for Unity is the fastest and easiest way to bring your 3D data into Unity. It reads and converts almost any format, optimizes and puts it in Unity, and stages it to provide ready-to-use assets for real-time applications.


Turn 3D data into ready-to-use content

Pixyz Studio is an interactive data preparation and optimization application that helps you import and transform heavy and complex 3D CAD data into lightweight, optimized meshes within Unity. Simplify and optimize CAD data quickly and efficiently with more than 120 powerful algorithms, including tessellation, CAD topology correction, decimation, and UV generation.

Looking to pair Pixyz with Unity?

Check out Unity Industrial Collection, which bundles Unity Pro, Pixyz Plugin and other software tools for better value.

Find out more from a unity expert

Get in touch to learn how Unity and Pixyz are the ideal combination for optimizing your 3D data and workflow to achieve your real-time 3D visualization goals.

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