Construction professionals can visualize designs and collaborate in real-time by overlaying large BIM and CAD files onto job sites using AR.

Bring the power of BIM onto the job site

Miscommunication causes more meetings, change orders, and rework. VisualLive’s augmented reality (AR) software allows real-time 3D visualization, collaboration, and field-to-office communication across all stages of construction, such as design review, QA/QC, facility management, and more.

Optimize your models, maintain critical data

In a few simple clicks, you can bring your large BIM models to HoloLens and mobile devices within minutes. VisualLive’s cloud-based software quickly converts your files – keeping all geometries, textures, and materials, and critical information you need in the field.


VisualLive MobiLive

  • For mobile devices and tablets
  • Annual subscription: RM 6,657 for MobiLive Premium
  • Annual subscription: RM 5,109 for MobiLive Standard

VisualLive HoloLive Premium

  • For Microsoft Hololens 1 and 2
  • Annual subscription: RM 20,597 for HoloLive Premium
  • Annual subscription: RM 12,857 or HoloLive Standard

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