Powering the future of Visual Storytelling

Pixotope is a holistic, award-winning virtual production software that allows you to design, create, and control every aspect of your production project. 

Revolutionizing Virtual Production

Create. Control. Collaborate.

Pixotope is a virtual production solution that drives rapid creation of virtual studios, augmented reality (AR), Extended reality (XR), and Mixed reality (MR).

Some of our exciting features include: 

  • Seamless integration into existing systems, partner technologies, and extra data sources
  • Real-time, photo-realistic rendering and composition abilities with the help of Unreal Engine
  • Full control over virtual sets, environments, AR content, particle systems, simulated cameras, and lens properties
  • Fast, on-air design and deployment capabilities from a single-user interface

Marrying the power of digital and real-world content to drive exciting visual experiences. 

Our Solutions


Extended Reality

Pixotope's XR solution provides proprietary, off-axis rendering and mapping capabilities. Our software allows users to output their rendering to LED screens and volumes, which utilizes our standard Pixotope workflow. Our WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) editor requires no baking or compilation when it comes to making changes to your content.


Augmented Reality

Pixotope offers a holistic AR solution for virtual production, so that you can focus on what you do best--creating experiences that delight your audience.


Virtual Studios

Pixotope includes all the virtual productions tools you need--including Rendering, high-quality Keying, Image Mixing, Lens Calibration, Camera Tracking server, Deinterlacer, Data integration, and much more.

XR has been gaining a lot of traction in the recent years, especially in the virtual production industry. Ironically, it’s also a consuming term for many people. According to the VP Glossary, which was created by the Visual Effects Society and the American Society of Cinematographers, defines Extended Reality (XR) as “an umbrella term for virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR), and all future realities such technology might bring.”

While this a rather broad definition, the glossary does equate XR to VP. However, XR is more commonly used to describe the use of large LED volumes to create virtual environments that can be interacted with.

The Pixotope solution for XR is a proprietary off-axis rendering and mapping solution for rendering outputs to LED screens and volumes, part of the standard Pixotope workflows, including our WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Editor, which requires no baking or compilation when making changes to the content.

Create virtual environments that allow real interactions

To effectively use Pixotope’s XR solution, users can easily drag in an “XR Wall” into their virtual environment, which can be used as a representation of a physical display screen.

An XR solution with an advanced suite of feature to help ease your operations

  • 10-bit uncompressed video workflow, with full-color management support via OCIO/ACES
  • Low latency due to no requirement for an external media server
  • Drive multiple LED from a single or multiple machines
  • Fully integrated AR and VS workflows to seamlessly combine techniques for virtual set extensions, etc
  • Advanced capability to configure how the rendered image is mapped on your outputs
  • Full-color grading per output for accurate color matching
  • Ability to turn off tone mapping to avoid double gamma
  • XR Overscan for blending inside and outside camera views
  • Automatically Optimize Camera Rotation and FOV
  • Render Outside Camera View, Renders an environment quality version of the areas of the scene, which are outside the camera’s view (frustum)
  • Ability to control the update frequency of Outside of frustum rendering
  • Support for XR DLSS supersampling.  Double the performance with no visible loss of quality.
  • Support for virtual camera moves while using XR

Augmented Reality (AR) provides an interactive experience that combines the real-world and virtual content. A great example of this would be the virtual counterpart of the NFL team Carolina Panthers’ mascot. The infamous panther was seen jumping around their stadium and tearing up their competitor’s flag.

With AR technology rapidly evolving over time, AR is now more accessible and affordable for smaller productions and projects.

Pixotope for AR: Powering the future of storytelling

Pixotope offers a holistic AR solution for virtual production, so that you can focus on what you do best–creating experiences that delight your audience.

Powered by Unreal Engine’s platform capabilities, Pixotope is built with a fully native implementation of Unreal for all workflows—unlike those legacy CG systems that are an Unreal plugin renderer. Our software ensures that you won’t need to compromise on your productions’ quality or performance.

Key features include:

  • Unique WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) live feedback editor

  • Single panel configuration and operations for multi-camera/render productions, with auto-discovery

  • On the fly configuration 

  • On the fly switching of levels

  • Premade and easy to use control panels for all objects in the level, color correction, and image effects 

  • Unique Drag and drop control panel builder for mobile and desktop devices via a web browser on the local network

  • Procedural high-quality text generation for live animated 3D texts, flying logos, and much more 

  • Timecode triggering, from external LTC or embedded in the video

  • Automatic Render API for data integration and automation, giving remote access to any part of the Unreal Engine

  • Datahub, a highly efficient databus enables extremely low latency interactions and synchronization in multi-camera systems

Virtual production is able to launch your storytelling into a whole different stratosphere. With VP, you’re able to turn concepts and data into an interactive experience. The best part? Virtual sets allow you to change your production on the fly without needing to sacrifice quality and performance.

With Pixotope, broadcasters can create immersive, hyper-realistic narratives without worrying about budget. Our software ensures that you don’t any specialized equipment or expensive production stages.

Designed with fast-paced, forward-thinking innovation

Pixotope works with your existing PC, while also allowing users to move their software between different machines with its floating license capabilities.

Pixotope includes all the virtual productions tools you need–including Rendering, high-quality Keying, Image Mixing, Lens Calibration, Camera Tracking server, Deinterlacer, Data integration, and much more.

Not only does our software deliver cutting-edge technology, but it also helps our users meet their market demands in exciting, timely ways.

A virtual production software that provides all the tools you need for success

  • Technology that supports online/mobile/web-based deployment
  • Integration options are available for customers who want to develop their own plugins
  • Virtualization ready
  • Video subsystems that support all transport and mapping configurations (12G, 6G, 2si, Quad, level A, Level B, etc),  Support for 10/12/16bit, RGB/YUV, 4:2:2/4:4:4, video formats needed for HDR and video I/O from SDI, IP, stream, and disk.
  • Flexible video processing pipeline that is pluggable to integrated features such as chroma-keying, denoising, computer vision, and talent tracking
  • Cutting edge features from Unreal and Nvidia
  • Flexible camera tracking integration that can support any future tracking systems

Your Go-To Solution for Live Virtual Productions

Trusted by the best players in the industry, Pixotope is the perfect choice when it comes to creating amazing live productions.

Our software is the go-to solution when it comes to live Augmented Reality and virtual production.

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Industries That Use Pixotope

Augmented Reality immerses the viewer into new experiences. We understand that in the broadcasting world, it's imperative that our clients deliver the very best program and on-demand content.


Pixotope combines camera tracking and real-time rendering to create an immersive virtual experience. Using high-resolution LED screens or projection surfaces in the space, our software allows on-screen talent to be immersed in a virtual environment.

For photo-realistic rendering and compositing in real-time, Pixotope can ensure high visual fidelity with incredible, realistic graphics for eSports broadcasting.

Combining camera tracking, motion capture, and data-driven graphics into a single Augmented Reality solution, Pixotope is ideal for on-air use with its rapid design and deployment feature for virtual, augmented, or mixed reality content.

Why choose Pixotope?

Pixotope is a XR, AR, and VR solution for the broadcasting and production industry. Empowered by cutting-edge technology, Pixotope allows its user to rapidly create virtual studios, AR content, XR experiences, and real-time, on-air graphics. Our platform is specifically designed to connect with partner technologies and external data sources.

Pixotope is revolutionizing the way virtual production is done. With our help, many broadcasters are able to boost performance, decrease the workflow process, and improve cross-reality content production.

Photo realistic rendering

Pixotope utilizes Epic Games’ Unreal Engine as a foundation. Powered by Unreal, Pixotope helps designers produce photorealistic rendering in real-time. The amalgamation of Unreal's and Pixotope's technologies enable users to rapidly create virtual sets, virtual environments, and augmented content, along with terrain and foliage, particle systems (rain, smoke, fire, hair, cloth, explosions etc.), simulated camera and lens properties (lens distortion, depth of field, and chromatic aberration).

Rapidly design and deploy

Pixotope is specifically designed for on-air use. Quickly design and deploy your virtual, augmented, and mixed reality content with ease. Create, configure, and control your production from a singular user interface.


Whether you choose to create content using Pixotope’s unique auto-set generation tool or build your own content from scratch using its specialised WYSIWYG editing tools, Pixotope harnesses the power of Unreal Engine and real-time rendering to create anything from a single camera project to a live, multi-camera virtual studio production at premium cinematic quality.

Low cost subscription

Need to subscribe to Pixotope for a particular project? We've got you covered. Pixotope offers an attractive subscription model that can be easily deployed across your organisation and scaled to the specific needs of each project requires.

Key Features

  • Real time photo-realistic CGI characters and environments using Unreal Render engine

  • HDR 32 bit linear color processing and rendering environment

  • Support for broadcast industry standard video formats, including UHD/4K

  • Easy to use internal chroma keyer

  • GPU based Internal video processing system for color correction, mask adjustments, and image effects

  • Non-destructive internal compositing assuring that video is not affected by graphic system anti-aliasing.

  • External compositing pipeline with separate outputs for garbage mattes, reflections, shadows and alpha for AR

  • Support for all standard real-time camera tracking products and protocols

  • Easy to use and customer customisable control panels that can run on any web browser

  • 8 fully configurable video inputs and outputs (with AJA Corvid 88)

  • Genlock / synchronise with Tri Level and blackburst inputs over SDI, to an SDI video signal or to the internal clock.

  • Broadcast centric 3D character generator and animation tools

  • Seamless WYSIWYG workflow from editor to live broadcast, with live SDI and tracking within the editor

  • External low latency and high accuracy API server for data integration and remote control

  • Multi camera support

  • Automatic generation of virtual studios using Studio Creator

  • Runs on commodity hardware, including professional and game-type GPUs

  • Timecode support with LTC timecode

  • Support for industry standard content generation workflows using FBX, Alembic, openEXR, etc.

  • User-controllable video and tracking delay capability

Key Modules

Pixotope™ Director

Control your entire Pixotope system through our modern, distributed user interface.The director module is sbuilt on top of an extremely low latency data busy, which is called Pixotope™ DataHub.

Pixotope™ DataHub

DataHub has an API feature that allows seamless integration into multi-camera workflows (including MOS workflows), custom control panels, DMX light control, and DPI.

Pixotope™ Controller

Design and automatically generate control panels on any browser or device.

Pixotope™ Editor

Import digital assets from popular tools like Autodesk Maya and Cinema 4D. Utilize Pixotope's intuitive, WYSIWYG workflow for lighting, vfx, animation, compositing, and level layout.

Pixotope™ Text3D

Leverage Pixotope's easy Character Generator with the help of its simple slider control feature.

Pixotope™ Keyer

Use the best of breed, real-time chroma keyer. This feature leverages on a cutting-edge keying algorithm, whose foundation is built on tried-and-true offline 3D chroma keyers. Easily control this real-time feature through a remote GUI.

Pixotope™ Camera Tracking Server

Built-in support fo real-time, camera tracking systems.

inspiring the next generation

The Pixotope Education Program

At Pixotope, we always have one eye on the future, and the future of Virtual Production solutions lies in the talent of the next generation: the young people at universities and other educational establishments.

That’s why we have developed the Pixotope Education Program: a partnership with educational institutions that offers access to cutting-edge production technologies, guiding students in the creation of virtual studios, augmented reality, and extended reality experiences.

We’re revolutionizing virtual production systems.

Join thousands of Pixotope users. Get Pixotope today.


What is virtual production?

Virtual production is a combination of live-action footage with computer-generated graphics, or virtual reality, in real-time. Typical use cases would be augmented reality, where the graphics are overlaid on top of the filmed images, virtual studio productions where a green backing color is replaced with a computer-generated studio or location, or extended reality where real-time computer-generated content is displayed on giant LED walls instead of traditional green/blue screens.

What is virtual production used for?

Virtual production has been used in productions around the world to create content that captivates and inspires and can be applied to any live events, sports, esports, advertising, broadcasting or film-making industry. The possibilities are endless!

What is the difference between virtual production and traditional production?

Although they happen in a virtual world, many of the workflows and best practices are the same - for example where a lighting designer in traditional production would work with physical lights, in a virtual production they need to also work with virtual lights to match the physical and virtual worlds. The key difference between traditional and virtual production is that virtual production removes limitations on creativity - with virtual elements the only limitation is our imagination.

How much does virtual production cost?

Like any production, the cost of virtual production depends on the scale and nature of the content being produced. Virtual production can also provide significant savings by removing the need for costly set builds or travel to location and reducing overall production time.

To discuss your requirements, contact us today or book a demo.

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