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Creating apps have never been so easy.

Smart Apps Creator is an interactive app builder that can used on any mobile device.
Leverage on great interactivity and an intuitive user interface.

Build interactive apps in less than a day.

Looking for ways to build a simple and easy app for iOS and Android? Utilize Smart Apps Creators features and export them in HTML5 and .exe formats for easy compatibility across all devices. And the best part? Accomplish this and more with no prior programming knowledge! It’s that easy.

No programming skills are required.
Complete your app by a simple drag n’ drop function.

Easily output .apk, .xcodeproj, .exe, and HTML5. Compatible with all smart devices.

Train logical thinking with our easy logic sequence feature. This is the perfect tool to engage your students in an interactive, practical way.

Supports file formats like mp3, mp4, jpeg, png, YouTube, Google Map, webpage, simple animations, and templates.

No programming skills needed

Smart Apps Creator 3 utilizes the most commonly known UI–MS Office. With a simple click of a button, any user can easily complete their project without hassle. Build functional apps for weddings, businesses, education, and more. 

Easily output APK, XCODEPROJ, EXE & HTML5

Smart Apps Creator 3 supports Apple and Android devices. Easily output .apk, .xcodeproj, .exe, and HTML5 to make your project auto-responsive. 

Animate your
app to life

Smart Apps Creator 3 allows you to create and apply your own animated content. With its “Advanced Animation” capabilities, you’ll be able to customize your animations to fit the scope of your projects.

Tweak your app in real-time

Various Animation choices

Adjust Movement

Fine Tune Dynamics

phone device

Exported Format Support Includes



Insert Webpage


Real-Time Testing

Turn your mobile app into a service-based one.

Promote your offerings by integrating a variety of services like chatbots, live feed, surveys, and more.


Google Suite


Google Maps




Google Suite


Smart Apps Creator 3

App creation made simple.

System Requirements

Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10

How to operate Smart Apps Creator 3 on a Mac

Intel Core™ i-series or AMD Phenom® II and above


Support 1024x768

2GB required


※ Internet connection required for activate.

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